Amit Shah said on Congress’s inflation movement

Home Minister Amit Shah:

Amit Shah said on Congress’s inflation movement: He chose this day to protest, that’s why he wore black clothes

Narendra Modi had laid the foundation stone of Ram Birth place, the sari is 500 years old, the problem was resolved in a very peaceful way and there was no riot or violence anywhere in the country and in a peaceful way to uplift the faith of crores of crores of people. The work has been done by the Prime Minister of this country.

Congress has decided for today’s protest and especially for protest in black clothes that they want to give the unalloyed message that we oppose the foundation stone laying of Ram Birth place and they want to carry forward our policy of appeasement and I would like to say that the policy of appeasement is not good for the country.

It is not good for the Congress, because of the policy of appeasement, it is in the position of the Congress today, it is visible in the situation and as far as it is concerned, everyone should respect the law and order of the country and cooperate.

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